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Rep. Filler Not Seeking Reelection

Republican Representative Graham Filler (Duplain Township) has announced that he will not be seeking reelection. Filler initially stated that he would be serving the allowed six years in the House prior to the term limit changes. Now on his sixth year in office, Filler is sticking with his original plan. Although he is eligible for reelection under new term limits, he will not be pursuing a fourth term.

Throughout his tenure serving the 93rd House district, Filler has focused on law enforcement, public safety, nuclear energy, small business, and agriculture.

Governor Announces Key Appointments to Michigan Boards and Commissions

Governor Grecthen Whitmer has announced several more appointments to various boards and commissions. Among others, commissions of note include the Michigan Board of Medicine, Michigan Task Force on Physician’s Assistants, Michigan Council for Rehabilitation Services, Health Information Technology Commission, Michigan Committee on Juvenile Justice, Advisory Council on Deaf, Deafblind, and Hard of Hearing.

Appointments Include:

Michigan Board of Medicine:

  • Hassan F. Abdallah: Representing the general public (Succeeds Teresa Robinson)
  • Dr. Abdulghani Sankari: Representing physicians (Succeeds Donald Tynes)
  • Aurelia Gooden: Representing the general public (Succeeds Mary Stearns)

Michigan Task Force on Physician’s Assistants

  • Dr. Mustafa Mark Hamed: Representing the Board of Medicine (Succeeds Bryan Little)

Michigan Council for Rehabilitation Services:

  • Dr. Yasmina Bouraoui: Representing disability advocacy groups (Succeeds Khodr Farhat)

Health Information Technology Commission:

  • Rex Menold: Representing the designee of the Director of DTMB (Succeeds Jack Harris)

Michigan Committee on Juvenile Justice:

  • Carol S. Jackson: Representing experience in tribal law enforcement and tribal communities (Succeeds Judge Allie Maldonado)

Advisory Council on Deaf, Deafblind, and Hard of Hearing:

  • Gerid Adams: Designated as chair

Governor Whitmer Announces New Cabinet Members & Executive Office Staff

Governor Gretchen Whitmer has announced new appointments and staff members for key positions in her administration. Marlon Brown will take on the role of Director at the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA), bringing his extensive experience in public service to the department. Suzanna Shkreli has been selected as the new Commissioner of the Michigan Bureau of State Lottery, with a strong background in juvenile justice reform and government service.

Additionally, several promotions and hires have been made within the executive office, including Shelia Marshall-Curtis as Chief Compliance Officer and Vignesh Meyyappan as Associate Legal Counsel.

Former acting commissioner of the Lottery, Jessica Weare, has accepted a new position within state government.