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Of Note

Updates from the Capitol

Jun 13-24, 2022

  • Whitmer Signs Legislation to Fund School Safety
  • Fiscal Agencies Release May Revenue Reports
  • Children Under Age 5 Eligible for COVID Vaccine
  • Johnson Will Not Make Ballot; Craig Sues Fraudulent Circulators
  • Lawmaker to Resign for Government Affairs Job
  • Whitmer Urges Federal Government to Pause Gas Tax
  • Pharma Company to Pay MI $14.45 Million

May 23-Jun 10, 2022

  • Gubernatorial Candidates Disqualified from Ballot
  • Update on Ballot Initiative Signature Collection Efforts
  • Senate Passes Motor, Gas Tax Suspension Bills
  • Event Commemorates 50th Anniversary of Title IX
  • MDHHS Updates Mobile Vaccination Program
  • Whitmer Signs Executive Directive Regarding Reproductive Rights

May 2-19, 2022

  • Michigan Legislature Approves Tax Cut Proposal
  • Special Election Results, New Members Added to Committees
  • Schools Receive $10 Million for School Safety Grants
  • State Expands Medicaid Coverage for Moms & Babies
  • Over One Million Michiganders Covered Under Healthy Michigan Plan
  • Michigan Legislature Sends Term Limit Reform Proposal to Voters
  • Preliminary Injunction Granted in Planned Parenthood Suit