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Updates About Legislature

2024 Mackinac Policy Conference to Feature U.S. Senate Debate and Key Political Speakers

Update: Apr 30-May 10, 2024

The Detroit Regional Chamber unveiled the agenda for this year’s Mackinac Policy Conference, scheduled from May 28th to May 31st on Mackinac Island. This year’s event will showcase a U.S. Senate debate and panels with leaders in business, politics, and higher education. The debate will feature the top three Democratic and Republican candidates, all competing for the open seat. The vacancy arises as current U.S. Senator Debbie Stabenow prepares to retire from her position following an earlier announcement that she will not be seeking reelection. Other notable items on the conference agenda include speeches from Governor Gretchen Whitmer, Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan, Dan Gilbert of Rocket Companies, and more.

You can find more details on the Mackinac Policy Conference website.

Michigan House Primaries Heat Up: Incumbents Face Challenges, Former Lawmakers Vie for Comeback

Update: Apr 16-29, 2024

The Michigan House is experiencing a significant influx of primary challenges and former lawmakers seeking to regain seats as the state’s political landscape undergoes shifts due to redrawn districts and changes in term limits. Following the April 23rd filing deadline, it was revealed that 35 incumbent lawmakers face primary challengers in August, with seven additional seats opening as current legislators opt not to seek re-election. The redrawing of 15 Metro Detroit districts has also opened the door for new candidates pursuing a seat in the Michigan House.

Additionally, changes to legislative term limits approved in 2022 have enabled former lawmakers to run again, leading to a surge in filings from those hoping for a return to the lower chamber. This dynamic has set the stage for a lively primary season, with both Democrats and Republicans seeing increased engagement and competition in various districts. Lists of the current Members facing primaries are listed below. For more details about each seat and challenger, you may visit the 2024 Michigan Candidate Listing.

Michigan House Primary Challenges

  • Rep. Tyrone Carter (D – District 1)
  • Rep. Alabas Farhat (D – District 3)
  • Rep. Regina Weiss (D – District 5)
  • Rep. Natalie Price (D – District 6)
  • Rep. Helena Scott (D – District 8)
    • Challenger: Former Rep. LaTanya Garrett (D)
  • Speaker of the House Joe Tate (D – District 9)
  • Rep. Veronica Paiz (D – District 10)
  • Rep. Kimberly Edwards (D – District 12)
  • Rep. Mai Xiong (D – District 13) Elected on April 16th special election
    • Challenger: Former Rep. Richard Steenland (D)
  • Re. Mike McFall (D – District 14)
    • Challenger: former Warren Mayer Jim Fouts (D) in the 14th district
  • Rep. Stephanie Young (D – District 16)
  • Rep. Peter Herzberg (D – District 25) Elected on April 16th special election
  • Rep. Dylan Wegela (D – District 26)
  • Rep. Steve Carra (R – District 36)
  • Rep. Pauline Wendzel (R – District 39)
  • House Minority Leader Matt Hall (R – District 42)
  • Rep. Matt Maddock (R – District 51)
  • Rep. Donni Steele (R – District 54)
  • Rep. Doug Wozniak (R – District 59)
  • Rep. Jay DeBoyer (R – District 63)
  • Rep. Josh Schriver (R – District 66)
  • Rep. Phil Green (R – District 67)
  • Rep. Cynthia Neeley (D – District 70)
  • Rep. Brian BeGole (R – District 71)
  • Rep. Kara Hope (D – District 74)
    • Challenger: Tom Izzo (no relation to the MSU basketball coach), who filed to run as a Republican
  • Rep. Emily Dievendorf (D – District 77)
  • Rep. Gina Johnsen (R – District 78)
  • Rep. Carol Glanville (D – District 84)
  • Rep. Timmy Beson (D – District 96)
  • Rep. Joseph Fox (R – District 101)
  • Rep. Ken Borton (R – District 105)
  • Rep. Cam Cavitt (R – District 106)
  • Rep. Neil Friske (R – District 107)
  • Rep. Jenn Hill (D – District 109)
  • Rep. John Roth (R – District 104)
    • Challenger: Conservative radio host “Trucker” Randy Bishop, who filed as a Democrat
  • NOTEWORTHY: Former Rep. Tim Sneller (D) has filed to run against incumbent Rep. Dave Martin (R – District 68)

Legislators Not Seeking Re-Election

  • Majority Floor Leader Abraham Aiyash (D – District 9)
  • Rep. Andrew Beeler (R – District 64)
  • Rep. Bob Bezotte (R – District 50)
  • Rep. Felicia Brabec (D – District 33)
  • Rep. Graham Filler (R – District 93)
    • Former Rep. Tim Kelly has filed to run in district 93 as a Republican
  • Rep. Rachel Hood (D – District 81)
  • Rep. Christine Morse (D – District 40)

New House Members Xiong, Herzberg Sworn In

Update: Apr 16-29, 2024

The winners of the April 16 special election for the two House seats vacated by former Representatives Kevin Coleman (D-Westland) and Lori Stone (D-Warren) back in November were sworn in to the Michigan State House following the certification of the election results.

Representatives Peter Herzberg (D-Westland) and Mai Xiong (D-Warren) gave the House Democrats theirs two-seat majority back following their wins. Subsequently, the new members were given committee assignments. Herzberg will serve on the Transportation, Mobility and Infrastructure Committee, the Health Policy Subcommittee on Behavioral Health, the Agriculture Committee, and the Energy, Communications and Technology Committee. Xiong was assigned to the Insurance Committee, the Military, Veterans and Homeland Security Committee, the Education Committee, and the Natural Resources, Environment, Tourism and Outdoor Recreation Committee.