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Updates About Supreme Court Rulings

2024 will See Higher Personal Income Tax Rate, Michigan Court of Appeals Decides

Update: Mar 2-31, 2024

In a recent ruling, the Michigan Court of Appeals upheld setting the state’s personal income tax rate to 4.25%, dismissing appeals for a return to the 4.05% rate that we saw in 2023. The three-judge panel’s unanimous decision was grounded on an absence of legislative language declaring that the rate reduction would be permanent. The court also noted that including such verbiage would introduce the potential for compounding reductions that could jeopardize the existence of an income tax altogether.

The case, initiated by a coalition including two lawmakers and various taxpayers, contested Attorney General Dana Nessel’s opinion that the reduced rate only applied to 2023. The Mackinac Center for Public Policy, which led the suit, plans to appeal based on the implication that the bill’s language necessitates a permanent tax cut. Stay tuned for further developments as the appeal progresses.

Federal Court Approves Detroit Redistricting Map

Update: Mar 2-31, 2024

The federal panel overseeing the redistricting of several Detroit-area House districts has approved the Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission’s Motown Sound remedy map for the upcoming 2024 elections. The court ruled that the commission’s map complies with federal law, rejecting arguments for an alternative map. The Motown Sound map will be used for the upcoming elections after changes were made to 15 districts following the ruling that seven were unconstitutional. Read more about the redistricting and Supreme Court ruling here.

See the Michigan Motown Sound Final House District Map Here

Michigan Redistricting Timeline & Updates

Update: Jan 27-Feb 12, 2024

The citizens panel responsible for redrawing Michigan legislative districts is currently considering six new House map configurations to address a federal court order to redraw 13 House and Senate districts. The current map, which contributed to Democrats gaining control of the House for the first time in 40 years, is being rewritten by the independent citizens redistricting commission. While the proposed maps generally lean Democratic, some configurations could lead to more competitive seats, potentially impacting the Democratic majority in the House. Notably, revisions aim to cluster districts in Detroit, possibly increasing African-American representation in the Legislature. The court set a deadline of March 29 for new House maps, with the possibility of using a court-appointed expert’s plan if necessary. Here’s a look at the timeline for redrawing state House maps:

Timeline for House District Mapping:

Feb. 2: Commission finalizes state House draft maps for public comment

Feb. 23: Public comment period concludes

March 1: Commission adopts final House maps, submits to court

March 8: Plaintiffs file any objections to plan with court

March 15: Court-appointed expert submits review of the commission’s work

March 29: Goal to implement new House maps. Judges left open the option of using a plan drawn by a court-appointed expert if they deem the commission’s work insufficient

April 12: Court reconvenes to determine next steps on redrawing state Senate maps

April 23: Filing deadline for candidates in new state House districts

Aug. 6: Michigan primary election

Nov. 5: Michigan general election