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Updates from the Capitol: 2022

Dec 12-23, 2022

  • Fiscal Agencies Issue November Revenue Reports
  • Whitmer Signs Reproductive Freedom Directive
  • MICRC Sues Legislature Over Funding
  • Whitmer Kidnap Plotters Sentenced

Nov 14-Dec 9, 2022

  • Whitmer Announces Leadership Changes in State Departments
  • Michigan Certifies November Election Results
  • Rep. Harris Bolden Appointed to MI Supreme Court
  • MI GOP Chair Race
  • Senate Votes to Move Michigan’s Presidential Primary
  • U.S. Capitol to Replace Cass Statue with Young Statue

Oct 31-Nov 11, 2022

  • Democrats Take Majority in the State Legislature; Proposals Pass with Record Turnout
  • Senate and House Fiscal Agencies Report Higher Revenue Collections in 2021-2022
  • State Announces New EMS Protocols
  • Open Enrollment Begins in Michigan
  • U.S. Supreme Court Dismisses Challenge in Redistricting Case
  • Wayne County Judge Dismisses Claims of Election Violations

Oct 17-28, 2022

  • General Election Less Than Two Weeks Away
  • FDA Authorizes Bivalent Booster for Children
  • MDHHS Updates Blood Lead Reference Value Data
  • Jury Convicts Whitmer Kidnap Plotters
  • MI Unemployment Remains Stable Compared to National Rates
  • Fiscal Agencies Issue September Revenue Reports

Oct 3-14, 2022

  • Governor Signs Economic Development, School Aid Appropriations Bills
  • MDHHS Begins Test to Treat Program
  • Michigan Attorney General Joins Coalition to Support ACA
  • MDHHS Promotes New Crisis Hotline
  • Michigan Takes Action to Lower Insulin Cost
  • Capitol Christmas Tree Selected

Sep 19-30, 2022

  • Albert Resigns as Appropriations Chair, Elections Deal Struck
  • Whitmer Appoints Members to School Safety and Mental Health Commission
  • Pharmacists in Michigan Now Able to Prescribe Birth Control
  • Whitmer Creates Center for Data and Analytics

Sep 5-16, 2022

  • Board of Canvassers Certify Voting and Abortion Ballot Measures
  • Court of Claims Rules 1931 Abortion Law is Unconstitutional
  • Michigan Supreme Court Chief Justice McCormack Announces Retirement
  • Governor Signs Inflation Reduction Act Directive
  • Muskegon Prosecutor to Lead Election Fraud Investigation
  • House Fiscal Agency Issues August Revenue Report

Aug 22-Sep 2, 2022

  • Dixon Chooses Hernandez as Lt. Governor, MI GOP Supports
  • Board of Canvassers Deadlock on Promote the Vote and Reproductive Freedom for All Ballot Initiatives
  • Court Rules No-Fault Changes Not Retroactive
  • Whitmer Kidnap Plotters Found Guilty
  • State Expands Access to Birth Control

Aug 8-19, 2022

  • Judge Extends Preliminary Injunction to Block Enforcement of 1931 Law
  • Special Prosecutor Asked to Take on Voter Tabulator Investigation
  • Let MI Kids Learn Ballot Initiative Submits Signatures
  • Fiscal Agencies Release July Revenue Report
  • House Primary Race Heads for a Recount
  • Federal Judge Declares Mistrial in Flint Water Trial
  • Michigan Sees Drop in Unemployment Rate
  • MDHHS Creates Regional Health Advisory Councils
  • Whitmer Tests Positive for COVID

Jul 25-Aug 5, 2022

  • Michigan’s Primary Election Results
  • Michigan’s 1931 Abortion Ban Law Injunction Remains in Place
  • Elliot Larsen Civil Rights Act Prohibits Discrimination Based on Sexual Orientation
  • Michigan Supreme Court Rules on Juvenile Life Sentences
  • Whitmer Issues Gun Safety Directive
  • Michigan Unemployment Numbers Increase
  • Judge Grants Employers Time to Implement Minimum Wage and Paid Sick Time Laws
  • Michigan Sees Credit Rating Increase

Jul 11-22, 2022

  • Governor Signs FY 23 School Aid and General Omnibus Budget Measures
  • Court of Claims Ruling Restores Original 2018 Minimum Wage and Paid Sick Time Laws
  • Governor Whitmer Establishes Michigan Parents’ Council
  • 'Promote the Vote’ and ‘Reproductive Freedom For All’ Submit Signatures for November Ballot
  • June Revenue Report Shows Sales Tax Crossing $1 Billion

Jun 27-Jul 8, 2022

  • Michigan Legislature Passes Historic Budget
  • Whitmer Joins Governors Calling for Lower Healthcare Costs
  • Flint Water Crisis Prosecutions to Continue
  • Johnson Will Not Run Write-In Campaign
  • Michigan Legislature Files Request to Overturn Temporary Injunction Against 1931 Abortion Law

Jun 13-24, 2022

  • Whitmer Signs Legislation to Fund School Safety
  • Fiscal Agencies Release May Revenue Reports
  • Children Under Age 5 Eligible for COVID Vaccine
  • Johnson Will Not Make Ballot; Craig Sues Fraudulent Circulators
  • Lawmaker to Resign for Government Affairs Job
  • Whitmer Urges Federal Government to Pause Gas Tax
  • Pharma Company to Pay MI $14.45 Million

May 23-Jun 10, 2022

  • Gubernatorial Candidates Disqualified from Ballot
  • Update on Ballot Initiative Signature Collection Efforts
  • Senate Passes Motor, Gas Tax Suspension Bills
  • Event Commemorates 50th Anniversary of Title IX
  • MDHHS Updates Mobile Vaccination Program
  • Whitmer Signs Executive Directive Regarding Reproductive Rights

May 2-19, 2022

  • Michigan Legislature Approves Tax Cut Proposal
  • Special Election Results, New Members Added to Committees
  • Schools Receive $10 Million for School Safety Grants
  • State Expands Medicaid Coverage for Moms & Babies
  • Over One Million Michiganders Covered Under Healthy Michigan Plan
  • Michigan Legislature Sends Term Limit Reform Proposal to Voters
  • Preliminary Injunction Granted in Planned Parenthood Suit