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Updates About Governor

Governor Signs Clean Energy Legislation into Law

Update: Nov 22-Dec 15, 2023

Governor Whitmer recently signed groundbreaking clean energy legislation that positions the state as a national frontrunner in combating climate change. These bills, part of the MI Healthy Climate Plan, promise to slash household utility costs by an average of $145 annually, generate 160,000 well-paying jobs, and bring in nearly $8 billion in federal funds for clean energy initiatives. The package boasts a 100% clean energy standard by 2040 (SB 271), driving Michigan toward renewable energy sources while fostering economic growth and elevating labor standards.

The comprehensive package also includes measures to improve energy efficiency and reduce waste (SB 273), the formation of the Office of Worker and Community Economic Transition (SB 519), and streamlined processes for clean energy projects (HB 5120). The legislation places special attention on protecting local communities (SB 502) and farmers’ rights to engage in solar projects on their own land (SB 277).

New Consumer Protections and Licensing Rules for Pharmacy Benefit Managers

Update: Nov 22-Dec 15, 2023

Governor Whitmer and the Department of Insurance and Financial Services (DIFS) are introducing new licensing rules for pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) to alleviate prescription drug costs for Michiganders. These changes, outlined on a newly launched DIFS website, stem from a set of prescription drug bills enacted last year. Governor Whitmer has stressed the importance of ensuring affordable access to necessary medications without forcing tough choices between health and other expenses.

Director Anita Fox highlighted the role of PBMs in managing drug benefits and the significance of DIFS’ licensing authority in safeguarding Michiganders from soaring drug expenses. The legislation, born from recommendations by the Prescription Drug Task Force, imposed crucial consumer safeguards, including oversight on PBM licenses, bans on “gag clauses” and “spread pricing,” and requirements for PBMs to furnish transparency reports to DIFS. These measures aim to provide clarity, reduce costs, and enhance access to crucial drug cost information for Michigan residents.

Governor Whitmer Sets Special Election Dates

Update: Nov 22-Dec 15, 2023

In response to State Representatives Lori Stone and Kevin Coleman each winning their local mayoral races, Governor Gretchen Whitmer has officially called for a special election to fill the two House vacancies. The Governor emphasized the importance of swiftly establishing representation for the 13th and 25th districts through a special primary election slated for January 30, 2024 and the general election on April 16, 2024.The dates of these elections indicate that the House will have an even split of 54-54 seats until at least mid-April. Whitmer expressed enthusiasm about collaborating with the future Representatives in the upcoming 2024 legislative session.