McCall Hamilton Advocacy and Public Affairs

Whitney Keenan

Government Affairs Team Coordinator
Whitney Keenan

While studying biomedical, cellular, and molecular biology at Central Michigan University, Whitney jumped on the opportunity to assist with research by media expert Dr. Sarah Domoff. This research aimed to identify the effects of excessive media usage in adolescents, but had the unintended consequence of igniting Whitney’s enthusiasm for public health. After graduating with distinction and a Bachelor of Science, she embarked on her journey to make a lasting impact in healthcare.

Passionate about patient advocacy and preventative medicine, Whitney immersed herself in the healthcare field as a licensed Emergency Medical Technician and then as a pediatric phlebotomist at Helen DeVos Children's Hospital. However, after a combined nine years in research and clinical roles, Whitney's evolving mission led her to approach patient care from a different angle — health policy.

Her journey into government work began with the Michigan Legislature, where she honed her skills under the mentorship of Representative Mary Whiteford, Chair of the Appropriations Committee, and House Minority Floor Leader Bryan Posthumus. These roles deepened her understanding of the legislative process and set the stage for her current position as Government Affairs Team Coordinator.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Whitney spends her weekends with her red golden retriever, Goose. Together, they can be seen around Grand Rapids hiking, kayaking, or indulging in the occasional pup-cup. In the chilly months, their afternoons are instead spent experimenting with new recipes and watching Sunday football.